いや、分かる。 確かにティーバッグを包む袋なんて再利用の価値もなく即ゴミ箱行きだが、


I received a nice tea gift , French specialty tea shop named Mariages Freres , it is one of the most popular flavor “ Marco polo”.
I was surprised that it is full of tea bag without individually packaged in a box when I opened it .
It’s true that a package has no value to reuse and straight to the garbage instantly.
Though Mariages Freres is classified as high grade tea , to pack them directly in the box is a bit surprised.
However tea-bag itself is sophisticated using cotton muslin bag one each cup of tea is definitely different from others.
Speaking of a tea bag, Thomas Sullivan who was tea merchant in NewYork in the early 20th century conceived an idea for tea sample for his customers to pack loose tea leaves in small silk bag instead of costly tin box to reduce costs.
Later he knew that customers brewing the entire small bag into teapot by a misunderstanding. Thus tea bag was born by acceident .
Contrary to his intention a tea bag is world widely prevalent and great invention to nowaday.
Tea is the best drink which warm me up during the cold winter .
by spice-kissed | 2011-12-21 22:37 | 日々いろいろ