Espresso Miso soup !!


イギリスの大手新聞社のThe Guardian(日本で言うところの朝日新聞クラス?)のサイトで紹介されていた、 
「Espresso Miso Soup」 鍋不要のお手軽味噌汁として紹介しているのだが、その大胆な調理法には、度肝を抜かれた。

Espresso Miso Soupの作り方の動画は→ (映像を見るだけでも楽しめます)




When I searched for articles written about PaniPuri on the Net , I come across an incredible thing and an expected idea for a miso soup.
Introduced by one of a major newspaper's site in England named The Guardian shows how to cook " Espresso Miso Soup" amazingly without a pan and showing an acrobatic cooking is absolutely kind of shocked me.

A chef seems be familiar with ingredients and general method of how to cook Miso soup well, moreover i can see the guy look like Japanese appearing at the begining , but why and how did this result come out ?
I can't help saying " I am sorry and God bless Miso soup " after watching it.

Look at a food critic's expression when he sipped Miso soup, it is obviosly failure .
Panipuri is introduced properly.

However, I learnd from the video that I had thought all along the pod used for making Miso soup on the video was a coffea maker , not tea pod.
Perhaps I just didn't know because I don't drink a coffea , but sometime we can see it using as a tea pod at a cafe in Japan, can't we ?
It is obviously used in the wrong way.
by spice-kissed | 2012-01-13 22:22 | 日々いろいろ